Breaking Average: The Seven Critical Fac...


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Drawing on a team of leaders, this ground-breaking book unlocks the critical factors to
breaking average.

  • Learn how to properly cast a Vision with your team, and how to gather Insight from others
  • Discover what it takes cultivate Collaboration, and how to develop deeper Trust
  • Empower others with a greater sense of Ownership, and what it takes to be Resilient
  • Unlock the secret to being a confident leader, and giving others a reason to want to say “YES”

It’s those who choose to break average who are able to overcome challenges and accomplish something great.

Breaking average matters because we are meant to create transformation and influence others. We are meant to face fear, chase doubt, create change, and add value to those around us. But we need help. We need a team.

Multiply your Influence and your Impact Today by
Breaking Average.


If we don’t
break average, we won’t make the impact that we could and should. And being unified as a team is the most powerful way to add that value. That’s what’s called Team Strong Leadership.

Team Strong Leadership represents a team that has clear vision and draws on the insight of others through collaboration and trust. It is characterized by a sense of ownership, a resilience to be courageous, and a commitment to the unique cause of
breaking average.


Breaking Average is written by some of industry’s best coaches who know how to cultivate strong teams and leaders. This book zeroes in on the critical factors to Team Strong Leadership:

  1. The Vision Factor
  2. The Insight Factor
  3. The Collaboration Factor
  4. The Trust Factor
  5. The Ownership Factor
  6. The Resilience Factor
  7. The Yes Factor

Learn to lead by using these seven factors. The book also includes:

  • Simple Tips and Tricks
  • Powerful Leadership Coaching Questions
  • The TSL Scorecard
  • and much more

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