Serious Work: How to Facilitate Meetings...


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LEGO® Serious Play® is thriving. How is it that a child’s toy, has become a serious strategy tool used by some of the worlds best known organisations? And what might be the relevance of this method in your work? LEGO® Serious Play® is the result of 15 years development. A powerful method to solve problems, explore ideas and achieve objectives based on management theory using a toy.

Serious Work enables readers to understand what LEGO® Serious Play® is and how it works. This practical and well designed workbook helps people have better meetings; it shows how LEGO® Serious Play® is used in five common kinds of meeting and workshop, enabling improvement in communication, collaboration and outcomes.

It is intended for people who run meetings. Leaders, managers, facilitators and coaches who are seeking ways to help teams work-together well, will find this book especially helpful.

Readers who are interested in or responsible for coaching, problem solving, visioning, team building or strategy will find the ideas challenge conventional meeting norms (thankfully) and offer a different and better way to achieve great meeting outcomes .

The book offers case studies, step-by-step guides and templates from a range of common applications that you can download and adapt to your own needs.

Our hope is this book gives you the knowledge and confidence to try basic LEGO® Serious Play® techniques before learning more.

The book features advice and case studies from nine other respected LEGO® Serious Play® facilitators from countries including USA, Singapore, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, and China. List of co-authors: Patrizia Bertini, Eli De Friend, Mercedes Hoss, Camilla Jensen, Oliver Knapman, Kim Pong Lim, Kristina Nyzell, Dieter Reuther and Maria Stashenko.

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